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Cyber Pulse ’24 – ICT Day of St. Thomas’ College

CyberPulse '24
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Cyber Pulse ’24 – ICT Day of St. Thomas’ College

St. Thomas’ College, Matara, embarked on a groundbreaking journey as it hosted its first ICT Day on March 13, 2024, within the school premises. Schools from across the Southern Province congregated to celebrate the convergence of technology and education in an event brimming with innovation and promise.

Mr. Isuru Supasan, an esteemed alumnus, graced the occasion as the chief guest, imparting wisdom and inspiration to the attendees. The day heralded the unveiling of the school’s new website and the inauguration of a cutting-edge ICT laboratory, equipped with top-tier computers, signaling a commitment to empowering students with digital tools for the future.

Guest speakers illuminated the audience with insightful lectures on cybersecurity, artificial intelligence, and other pertinent topics, enriching minds with valuable knowledge. The event also featured exciting competitions, including web development, graphic design, and a quiz, which showcased the talents and ingenuity of participating schools.

In a thrilling finale, Mahinda Rajapaksha College, Matara, emerged as the champions, with St. Mary’s Convent, Matara, and Sujatha Vidyalaya, Matara, securing the second and third positions, respectively.

Amidst the intellectual fervor, musical interludes provided a serene reprieve for weary minds, adding a touch of harmony to the day’s proceedings.

As the curtain fell on this historic occasion, St. Thomas’ College, Matara, stood as a beacon of innovation and progress, reaffirming its commitment to shaping a future where technology and education intertwine seamlessly for the betterment of society.

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