Buddhist Society

Buddhist Society

The Buddhist Society

The Buddhist Society of St.Thomas’ College, Matara has a strong Buddhist  community with the presidency of our principial Mr. P. A. Weerakkodi and the patron ReverThe Buddhist Society of St. Thomas’ College, Matara, proudly thrives under the esteemed leadership of Principal Mr. P. A. Weerakkodi and the revered patronage of Reverend Baragama Ariyadhamma Thero. Within our community, we cherish the profound teachings of Buddhism, fostering a spirit of compassion, wisdom, and mindfulness. Together, guided by our leaders, we journey towards enlightenment and seek to embody the noble virtues of the Buddha in all facets of our lives.ed Baragama Ariyadhamma Thero  

Buddhist Society Logo - St. Thomas' College, Matara

Projects done by the Buddhist Society

  • The annual alms giving done for the schools anniversary 
  • The annual feast for the Poson poya day in collaboration with the prefects guild
  •  Doing weekly sil programmes  covering all grades 
  • Organizing perahera for Wesak and Poson poya 
  • Offering flowers daily for the Budhdha mandir under class level
  • Doing various social services like 

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