Rules and Regulations

Rules and Regulations

1.College Attire

Students must come suitably, wearing the school uniform

  • Shirts – Students must wear white shirts. The badge should be sewn onto
    the top left-hand corner of the shirt pocket.
  • Trouser (Grade 10 and above) – Senior students must wear long plain
    white trousers with the hemline falling about half an inch past the point
    where the top of your shoe begins so that the socks are not visible when
  • Shorts (Grade 1 – 9) – Junior students must wear short navy blue trousers
    up to their knees.
  • Shirts and trousers cannot have a double line
  • Shoes – Plain black shoes (Canvas shoes, Fancy shoes, shoes with
    buckles or colored laces are not allowed).
  • Socks – Plain black socks with no designs.
  • Hair – Long hair or any other form of hairstyling or coloring of the hair is
    strictly prohibited.
  • Accessories with white religious wrist bindings are not permitted. Wrist
    watch any wrist bangles or chains are prohibited from being worn at school.


  • Students should arrive at school before 7.30 a.m. No student will be
    entered into the College premises without the proper uniform within
    school hours.
  • Every student must bring his student record book (SRB) to school daily.
  • Bringing mobile phones, all forms of disks, flash drives, music players or any
    form of software, data storage mediums or unauthorized hardware into school
    premises is strictly prohibited.


  • All students must remain in the classrooms from 7.30 a.m. to 10.30 a.m. and
    from 10.40 a.m. to 1.25 p.m.
  • Loitering outside the respective classrooms during school hours is strictly
  • Those who wish to leave the classroom within school hours for co
    curricular and extracurricular activities should acquire permission from
    the respective teacher in charge and possess the SRB throughout the
    given time to produce whenever requested.
            • For subjects, when moving to another place outside the
              classroom and back to the classroom, it should be done as
              soon as possible and should move in line.
            • Only one student can leave the class for emergency during
              the academic period with permission.
            • Only one student can leave the class for emergency during
              the academic period with permission slip.
            • In studies, co-curricular and extra-curricular activities,
              teachers should be respected.
            • Classrooms, labs, computer labs etc. equipments, toilets,
              faucets and other common property of the school should be
              protected. Abuse of them is grounds for disciplinary action.
  • Strict disciplinary action will be taken against any student whose behaviour in
    public or on any social media platform would bring the school disrepute. It
    should be particularly noted that smoking, consumption of alcoholic
    beverages and the possession of cigarettes,wapes, drugs etc. strictly


4.Meals at school

  • Food and water should be brought from home or snack can be purchased
    from the school canteen.
  • Students are allowed to enter the canteen only during the interval.
  • Students are not permitted to purchase any food item from outlets outside the
    school premises during school hours.
  • Meals should be taken only within the students’ classrooms during the
    interval. Meals should be eaten by only spoons and necessary tools. After
    having the meals students should clean their desks, chairs and the

5.Absence from school

  • No student may keep away from school except on grounds of illness or when
    on leave approved by the authority.
  • The reasons for absence must be submitted only on the special page,
    provided for this purpose in the SRB with the signature of the
    parent/guardian, only on the next day to be signed by the class teacher at the
    first opportunity. Letters or such documents will not be accepted.
  • When the period of absence exceeds 3 days a medical certificate must
    support the entry in the SRB.
  • It would be noted that if a student is absent for a period exceeding 2 months
    his name will be removed from the class register.
  • 80% attendance is compulsory for students sitting for the G.C.E Advanced
    Level Examination as a school candidate. Any student who has attendance
    below 80% will not be accepted to sit the General Examinations. Students
    who are going on sports practices/training (or) leaving school for essential
    purposes, should note the reason in the SRB on the relevant page to make
    sure that the class teacher is informed regarding the student’s absence.

5.Facilities and service fees

  • The Facilities and Service fees (FSF) and the SDS fee should be paid at the
    beginning of the first term. This would facilitate the work of the school.


  • Students should devote as much time as possible to their education at home
    on a regular basis. Parents should check the student’s work daily and make
    certain that their children are involved in their studies meaningfully.
  • The free textbooks should be safely used with covers and returned to the
    school at the end of the year.
  • It is mandatory for the mother/father/guardian to participate with their child
    in the class circles/parent meetings held every semester to inform the parents
    about their children’s educational progress and other matters related to the
  • The progress report book containing the term test marks should be shown
    to the parents and signed

7.Inquiries regarding students

  • All inquiries regarding students must be made from the Sectional Heads of
    the respective section. On occasions when such inquiries are made parents
    are expected to obtain prior appointments with the school authorities by
    giving a letter with SRB .
  • No person may visit the school for any purpose without permission. Any
    visitor wishing to meet a teacher or student in an emergency case must get
    the permission from Principal via the security officers.
  • Parents are requested to be clad in appropriate attire when they are coming
    to the school.

8.Participation in Co-Curricular and extra-curricular activities

  • Students should wear the College uniform, or the attire prescribed by the
    respective teacher-in-charge when participating in activities relating to sports,
    clubs and societies, either inside or outside the school.
  • Students should obtain the prior permission of the principal when participating
    in co-curricular and extracurricular activities outside the school, and it is
    necessary that the respective teacher-in-charge/parents should accompany
    the student.
  • The student shall always maintain the dignity of the school, and strictly follow
    the rules and regulations of the school. They should not indulge in any activity
    which will be harmful to the good name of the school. Otherwise, the
    administration will be compelled to take strong disciplinary action against
  • No student should engage in any disreputable activity that may cause
    inconvenience to the general public because such behavior will bring
    disgrace to the school.
  • If anyone wants to get excused from practices, a letter of excuse must be
    produced to the teacher-in-charge.
  • If anyone wants to get excused from practices, a letter of excuse must be
    produced to the teacher-in-charge.
  • No member of the sports pool is permitted to attend practice on days he is
    absent from school.
  • If no special permission is granted, co-curricular activities/sports practices
    should be concluded by 6.00 p.m. Furthermore, no student is allowed to stay
    within school premises after 6.00 p.m. without due permission for the
  • In order to go on educational excursions, students are required to produce a
    letter of permission by their parents to the class teacher.

9.The standard uniform to be worn when representing the college

  • It is compulsory for all the students, to be clad in the standard uniform, in
    representing the College. This includes a white long-sleeved shirt folded up to
    the elbow, white (Grade 10 and above students) or blue trousers (Grade 1 to
    9 students) and the College tie.
  • The College Coloursmen should wear the blue blazer with the crest on the
    left side, only on the occasion of representing the College for sports events.
  • Brown Blazer can be worn only by Senior Prefects and executive officials of
    clubs and societies. In exception, the brown blazer can be worn for
    extraordinary occasions with special permission.

10. Educational /Character/ Leaving Certificates

  • Only the achievements duly recorded and certified by the respective teacher
    in the student record book will be mentioned in the character certificate (and
    no other achievement will be mentioned).
  • Applications for Examination certificates and school certificates could be
    submitted only on Tuesdays with the student record book and certificate will
    be issued only on Wednesday
  • All students must obtain the character certificate within a year after leaving
    school. When coming to school (for obtaining character / leaving certificates
    or offence to any other related issues) it’s essential to be properly clad.
  • The original birth certificate submitted at the admission of the student will be
    returned only when the child collected the leaving certificate.