Mr. J. Jayawardhana - Vice Principial

I am pleased to release this congratulatory message for the official website of Matara St. Thomas College, which holds a long history among some of the leading schools in Sri Lanka. The Mahanayake, Reverend Madihe Pannazihe Thero, and the scholar named Kumaratunga Munidasa were two great products of this school. In addition to this, the school caters to the needs of children by embracing other specialties like sports and oriental fields. I am consistently happy to appreciate the dedication of the administration and staff to improve the school's skills, enabling it to face all these challenges with confidence

Mr. A. M. K. Nimal - Principial (Primary Section)

Matara St. Thomas College endeavors to educate and illuminate, making an effort to spread the light of knowledge. The child's physical, moral, intellectual, and spiritual development is our primary focus. We emphasize maximizing the potential of every child, training them to make the most of their time and efforts as they learn. Like a shining star in the sky, the school wishes all the best for progress.

Mrs. A. B. Shriyani - Assistant Principal

Mr. W. W. A. Piyasiri - Assistant Principal

Mrs. Harsha Wickramarathne - Assistant Principal