Art Society

Art Society

From 2008-2012, the art Society of St. Thomas College,Matara conducted various programs as academic projects annually, in 2018, a betaiful Aesthetic event was held in school with the college’s Art department.
Also in the year 2012, the art department of the college organized an art festival called “Sanasi Meevita”. On July 28, 2023, the A/L group of 2024 did the work with great success.
In addition to this, every year the students of the art department get together to do projects like going on an educational trip, etc.

Office Bearers

Sectional Head:



Main Organizer:

Vie President: 


Ms. Thivanka Amarasekara 

Arosha Prabashwara 

Dasindu Anuwara

S.Udaya Lakshan 

Anol Muthumala 

Pasindu Ishan under Ms.Nayana Priyangani’s supervision 

Sectional Head: Ms. Thivanka Amarasekara

President: Arosha Prabashwara

Secretary: Dasindu Anuwara

Main Organizer: S.Udaya Lakshan

Vie President: Anol Muthumala

Treasurer:  Pasindu Ishan under Ms.Nayana Priyangani’s supervision

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