About St. Thomas’ College

About St. Thomas’ College

An Overview

The school with the longest history among the list of popular schools in the Matara district is St. Thomas College, Matara. With an illustrious history of more than 175 years, our school has produced generations of educated and talented students, not only for the South but for the entire world. The Most Reverend Madihe Panjaseeha Maha Nahimi, Reverend Pamburana Mettaiiya Thero, former Minister of Education Dr. Baduddin Mahmud, and renowned linguist Kumaratunga Munidasa have all contributed significantly to our country, originating from our school. Popular Author Kumaratunga Munidasa has stated about our school as follows.

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Our Vision

Bequeathing a great Thomas to the land and the universe.

Our Mission

To give birth to a child full of knowledge, attitude and skills that can successfully face the challenges of the new world.

Currently, our school operates under two Divisions. Primary Division and Secondary Divisions, hosting about 3500 students and employing 145 teaching staff. Our school, dedicated to nurturing a generation of students talented at the national level across all aspects of education, beauty, and sports, works with the following objectives in mind.

  • Providing equitable learning opportunities for all children.
  • Offering courage and security to all children through a structured teaching program.
  • Developing the talents of each child and instilling the self-confidence necessary for high achievement and future endeavors.
  • Building and maintaining a cohesive family environment within the school.